Tuesday, December 8, 2009

October 31 - November 1st, 2009

I am an observer mainly. Learning the language is my task at hand, with a goal of communication. For now I am watching, listening t the sounds, following what movements and patterns I can find. Each day is new, I am humbled by many, many things.

Today I sat with women in the house where I do my language class; during our break I pulled the petals off the hibiscus (ware) plants, and the leaves, which were spread out behind their hut to dry. They make a sauce with the leaves, and juice with the petals, just like the rosa de jamaica in Guatemala. I was thinking about Rabinal and the women I cleaned hibiscus with there last fall. Having something to do with my hands for a little while as nice.

I went walking around the lake with another volunteer, and we found women gardening, digging small holes and planting some kind of squash-looking plants. Their gardens are surrounded by dead branches forming a fence - it impresses me that it can keep the goats out. They speak Zarma in the village, so our attempts at conversing were humorous and very limited, but the women so kind and welcoming.

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