Monday, December 7, 2009


October 22nd, Thursday

I have arrived. It is more amazing than I have been able to imagine. Soaking in all the donkeys pulling carts on the way to the training center, the animals all over the place, the beautiful orange sand and scrubby trees, the wide wide sky and clouds. Women watched our vans go by, smiling, the colors of their clothes shine. Brown stalks of dry, harvested millet stood in the fields. The clouds are the only thing against the flat horizon, they are the mountains of this desert.

I have a bed outside on the edge of a row, each with it's own yellow mosquito net. From here I can hear music and radios from down the hill in the town, voices and crickets, children. I look out from my mosquito net and see 14 lights in the town below. Many many stars above.

I almost feel so blessed by all of this that I could cry. Here I am! Okay, I need to sleep, let all of these new things sink in, and be ready for tomorrow.

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