Tuesday, December 8, 2009

November 13th - 18th

November 13 Friday

The goats are really noisy tonight, tied up under the shelter on the other side of my wall. Maybe they know what's coming to them...

I went to the language teachers' house tonight to study and it was really nice to sit at an actual table and spread out all of my Hausa papers. I feel like I am beginning to grasp things, but I still feel so limited in my vocabulary that communicating is really awkward and stumbling. My mind works slowly, especially with my tiredness (anti-malaria medicine is giving me sleeping problems), and I need time to let it all sink in.

November 18 Wednesday

So, kidnapping attempts at American embassy workers in one of the regional capitals and four nights of insomnia have made this an interesting week so far...

All of us trainees have been moved up to the training center for now, this is called “consolidation.” The other volunteers have been moved into their regional centers and we are all waiting to find out what will happen next. People are certainly anxious. There's not much we can do but keep going with our training and hope that the program here stays open. Maybe I've been too tired to be upset, I just feel patient.

The medical staff gave me some medicine for my insomnia, so hopefully I will sleep now.

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