Tuesday, December 8, 2009

November 29

We spent this weekend with our host families for the feast of Tabaski, a very important Muslim feast where they slaughter a sheep in remembrance of Abraham. I did end up eating a lot of rather interesting goat parts. I spent the afternoon making a Go Fish set for the kids and showing them to play. It was so fun, I made pictures of things in their daily lives and put the words on the cards. They loved it.

It was so hard to say goodbye to the family. They walked out to the end of the road with me, telling me Sai Hankuri, and Sannu da Kokari, which means kind of like Have patience, and Blessings on your effort.

I stopped at the nursery and watered the trees. A group of little girls watched me, and we all greeted each other and told each other our names and they were so sweet. I am saying so many goodbyes, to the trees, the sunrises and sunsets that are so distinct here, the silly kids, the ox carts filled with millet, my own expectations of two years here, all the wonderful teachers and staff and families that have welcomed me and taught me more than I thought I could learn in six weeks.

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