Tuesday, December 8, 2009

November 5th, Thursday

November 5, Thursday

We started making our tree nursery today! Each NRM (Natural Resource Management) volunteer gets to plant 40 trees. It's amazing to me that a seed will grow in this sand. Humbling. How adapted things become, how little we really need, and also how much. In places of abundance we become accustomed to abundance, but in a desert, each tree, each millet stalk has grown from this sand and a bit of water.

Yes, the climate is harsh, the poverty more extreme than what I have ever seen before. It's hard to live here, whether you are a person or an acacia tree. I am glad to have two years to live here, to dig into it and find all the light places in the harshness, like finding all the color blooming in the desert during my bike trip.

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