Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Here is a sampling of pictures from my time in Niger:

My trees in the nursery (moringa growing)

Camels eating by the lake

Me and Nikki under the tree - our hut is behind us, behind the low wall.

Kids in our concession by the cookfires

Tabaski feast food being prepared (no goat yet!)

The teenage boy got the kids to pose while we were drawing together - very cute kids!

The two greatest girls in our family drawing

Sunrise over our training town

My stick bed on the end of the row

Women pounding millet in the millet pounding area

The grandmother of our family pounding peppers - the teenage boy in our family took this picture!

Me by a very large milkweed type plant

Freshly made bricks drying by the lake

Watching the sun set on the last day in Niger

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