Friday, April 8, 2011

Children and Guavas

Here's a post that I wrote on March 19th:

It is simply the children that keep me going here. If it wasn't for them, I probably would have left months ago. As I write this, 8 kids are playing the matching game with the Go Fish cards we made, one of them playing while holding a sleeping 3-year old. Three are drawing pictures, and one of my favorite little boys is just sitting on the chair with me watching everything.

They have star-shaped stickers on their foreheads from the Kids Club today. All of the kids who come on time get a sticker. Today we went on a Nature Walk. I had 11 cards hung along a path that winds near the river; like a treasure hunt, they ran from card to card, sniffing leaves, listening for animal sounds, and guessing what lived in a big hole (probably a rat, they said).

It was fun.

Then they played Farmer-Plants-Trees-Freeze-Tag while I went and got my kite. I made them line up smallest to tallest and they took turns running the kite around the field as I ran to fetch water up at the stream before the rain started.

It sounded from the thunder like it would be a big storm, but so far just light rain has fallen and kids are playing (kind of) nicely. Now and then I remind them to be nice to each other.

This morning I went to the fish pond that the nearest VOI is building and waded through a foot of mud carrying mud back and forth to build the pond walls. It's amazing what people build by hand and shovel that we Americans would need a bulldozer to accomplish. After less than an hour, I put my foot down on some kind of tree stump hidden under the mud and hurt my foot. It was almost time for me to go home anyway and prepare for the kids club.

On the way to my bike hidden in some bushes, I ate a bunch of little red guavas. They are ripe now--I've been looking forward to them since last year, and as I looked for the best ones, I thought how strange thatI've been here long enough to have 2 seasons of guavas, 2 seasons of another month or two it will be 2 seasons of rice.

Other than the children, maybe that's the other reason I'm still here. To experience being in a place for TWO WHOLE YEARS. It's not easy, but being able to eat guavas twice is definitely a perk.

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